A place where amazing things Get Done!

The faculty at gurukulam is highly trained, experienced and efficient and is chosen from the top educational institutions.

Our teachers not only unlock the knowledge that lie within the books but also inculcate the cultural and moral values into the students. Moreover the teacher-pupil ratio of 1:20 attends the individualized needs of each child effectively.

14 years in Education

We have been into this field since 2009. Through the child-centred and activity based methodology, dedication of faculty and most importantly with the affection and support of parents, the school has carved its niche as Smart School for Smart Generation".

Loved by Parents

We are proud of it and extend our heartfelt thanks to the parents and our entire team for this achievement. The management, counsellors, co-ordinators, teachers and all other persons connected with school directly or indirectly are committed to providing excellent services in future too.

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  • Monday - Saturday 8am to 2pm
  • Sunday - Closed